10 Things to look forward to once you’re recovered

My very first post on this blog already dealed with reasons to recover. But gosh, I just realized how much more there is that makes recovery worth it. Of course, it’s individual. But when I just started to write down all the things I haven’t done for far to long and that will hopefully be possible again once I’m recovered it gave me another huuuge push of motivation. You should try this too, even if you already know that recovery is the right choice! It can really help to see it in black and white as well. So, here are just the first ten of my (long) list of things that make saying bye to Ana worth it:

1) to have a girls night out (without worrying something as stupid as liquid calories)


2) to move (not to lose weight, but because you actually enjoy it)


3) to be childish (without beeing ashamed) and to laugh (without faking it)


4) to fall in love (and to believe that you’re actually worth being loved back)


5) to travel to places you’ve never been before (without checking the menu of the hotel three times in advance)


6) to get lost in something you enjoy (without being distracted by Ana’s voice every ten seconds)


7) to wake up and put on whatever you want (and if it’s that skinny jeans, go for it!)


8) to spend a whole day at the beach (without looking like a skeleton in your bikini)


9) to have a two-hour conversation with a friend in a café (without freaking out because they put cocoa on your cappucino)


10) to just eat that piece of cake (not because you think you have to or it’s a fear food and you want to challenge yourself, but only because it’s delicious)



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